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Suppliers of products made especially for lefties, resources and information for parents and teachers to help young left-handed children.
If you are left-handed you’ve come to the right place.  Here, in our online shop you can find heaps of lefty items that will make your life a whole lot easier!  No need to battle with right handed scissors, can openers, rulers, tape measures, potato peelers and other equipment that doesn’t work properly or comfortably for you.  Our quality left handed products will really make a big difference! We ship world-wide!

A quick overview of some of our lefty products.

Lefty scissors for both children and adults
Genuinely left-handed scissors are ESSENTIAL for young lefty children!
Quality Children's scissors
For the Kitchen and for lefty cooks
Lefty potato peeler.
Dressmaker's tape measure
Left-Handed Tape
Measures and
Left-handed rulers.
Long lefty ruler.

Lefty stuff especially for Left-Handed Children!

If you are a parent or a teacher of a young left handed child, or children, you will find a lot of information here!  Please check out our handwriting resource for teaching left handed children how to write well, in a comfortable, flowing left handed style of writing. 

Our starter pack stationery sets help lefthanded kids have a much happier time at kindergarten, play centre and school.  And our new e-book “Pencil Exercises for Beginners” includes a series of exercises and activities that assist in developing pencil accuracy and pencil control.  

All these resources increase the self confidence of the left handed child and will have an ongoing positive effect on their education.

Books, Videos and Teaching Resources

Writing Workbook.Left-hander's stationery set.
Ergonomic pencil grips.This special ergonomic pencil grip places the fingers in the correct position for writing.
They work really well!
Smudgeproof pens.And smudge-proof

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